The people behind

Our clothes

All our clothing comes from the Danish company Neutral®.

Neutral® is premium quality apparel for men, women and kids. Contemporary styled T-shirts, sweatshirts and more made from 100 % organic Fairtrade cotton.

Every Neutral® product is manufactured and certified according to the highest environmental, social and ethical standards in the world and are monitored by external organizations.

Together, the certificates cover every single part of the production process, providing a guarantee that every Neutral® product is manufactured with true regard for people and planet. Read more at

We personally use our products and our experience is that both colour and motif are very durable.

All our motifs are handmade and small variations may occur.

FRTL by Andersen

Our names are Christina and Anders Geertsen Wiuff and we are the founders of FRTL by Andersen.

We’ve worked with marketing, communications and storytelling for many years, have driven our own businesses and are passionate entrepreneurs. Because we live in Odense, we feel a special connection to Hans Christian Andersen, whose legacy continues to influence, inspire and guide children all over the world. A couple years ago, we began playing with the idea of turning our interest in Andersen’s stories and moral lessons into something with a more modern twist.

Since then, we’ve had many creative thoughts and sparring sessions with family and our wonderful network of friends on how we could make this happen.  The result is something we are both thankful for and proud to present here.

The illustrations

Hans Jørn Bøtcher, who is the man behind our illustrations. As the grandchild of a painter, and with an appetite for the pen and paintbrush, his world revolves around illustration and graphic design.  Hans Jørn has more than 40 years of experience in Branding and Visual Communications and is the man behind AD/ID design & kommunikation.  

Advisory board

We are eternally grateful for all the help we have received in bringing FRTL by Andersen to life, especially to our Advisory Board, who have invested time asking us the challenging and irritating questions. They have inspired us to build an even better story and line of products.
Our Advisory Board is made up of:

Nanna Muusmann, who is the head of the Vollsmose Secretariat in Odense.
Nanna works with urban planning, business development and public housing management in one of Denmark’s largest public housing projects. She also has several years of experience in working with underprivileged youth and has helped municipalities and social clubs with a number of youth related projects. She is also an author and speaker on youth development, inclusion and integration. .


Claus Chr. Koch
When he is not consulting, Claus Christian Koch is a teacher and project developer at the Lillebælt Academy, Southern Denmark’s largest business academy.  Here his teaching focus is on culture and the experience economy, which is focused on building relationships and learning programs between students local businesses. His consulting work is aimed at entrepreneurs and cultural institutions and he has worked for many years with developing the Hans Christian Andersen brand in Odense. Claus is a literary critic for the newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende and is also a guide for tourists interested in history and culture.


René Szczyrbak is the CEO and founder of STV Production and Mayday Film, which produce TV programs, corporate film and advertising spots. René is a “super creative” with a special talent for generating new ideas and getting them off the ground. With many years of experience in running complex businesses and a sharp sense for detail, he is also masterful at steering projects in the right direction. René sits on a number of corporate boards of directors.


Per Larsen is a business development specialist with several years of experience with retail chains. His years in the developing and managing chains have given him a ballast he uses in his ongoing daily consulting work. Per also works with personal development and sparring, and is a member of a number of boards of directors and advisory boards.