The fairytales

The Ugly Duckling

From the beginning, life wasn’t easy for the ugly duckling. It was teased and bullied and chastised on the farm. It wasn’t like the others and, eventually, the ugly ducking set out to find its own way. It never gave up, never stopped swimming, never stopped searching for its place in life. And before long, the ugly duckling was a beautiful, elegant swan.

So who cares if you are the ugliest duckling in the pond? Believe in yourself. Because, luckily, you are not like everyone else.

Clumsy Hans

Clumsy Hans won the heart of a princess and became the king by doing the coolest thing of all: just being himself. He didn’t have a horse, so he rode a goat.  And all he could offer as a suitor was a dead crow and a pocketful of mud.  But he took it all in stride – laughing at convention and ignoring the finery.

Do things your own way. Ignore The Rules.

The Nightingale

The nightingale of the forest flies through the window and in to the emperor, who is mesmerised by its beautiful song. But a mechanical bird made of the purest gold and diamonds soon steals the emperor’s affection. At least until the day he lies dying, when the mechanised bird stops working. It is then the nightingale soars back in from the woods and sings the emperor back to health again. The emperor asks the nightingale to stay.  But it will not.

A caged bird does not sing the same sweet song. That is not nature’s way.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

The dapper emperor pays grandiosely for the finest haberdashery. But one day he is cheated, and neither the emperor nor his handlers dare admit the naked truth – that he has lost the very shirt off his back. Doing so would mean they were dumb or incompetent. His subjects don’t dare either, doting instead over the emperors new clothes. The only one who can mutter the truth is an innocent little child who remarks, “But he doesn’t have any clothes on!”

Do you dare speak the naked truth?

The Little Match Girl

Life’s flame is burning out for the barefoot girl wandering the cold streets on New Year’s Eve. One by one she lights a bundle of matches to try and keep warm. In the flame of each match, she sees a vision that warms her soul. In the final match flame, the girl’s dead grandmother, the only person that truly loved her, appears to take the little girl with her to heaven – far from the cold, hunger and pain of the world

The Swineherd

A prince from a poor province proposes to the Emperor’s daughter, but discovers her values are anything but noble. She casts aside the rose and nightingale he sends her. Disguised as a swineherd, the prince then devises a rudimentary music box that plays a banal tune. She falls for the music, and the Prince offers it to her for 100 kisses. She accepts, but Prince finds her superficial and contemptuous. Even the Emperor banishes her from the kingdom. Live a life of true values – and kiss things of real beauty

The Princess on the Pea

Soaking wet and cold from the rain, she knocks on the castle door in search of shelter. Inside, the prince, in a hopeless search for love, is confused and unaware of what now stands before him. But the queen has an idea. She will place a single pea under the stack of mattresses and blankets where their guest will sleep. Only a real princess could be sensitive enough to feel the pea! By morning, the prince discovers their guest hasn’t slept a wink and is finally convinced- his real princess has arrived.

Ole Lukoie

Each night at bedtime, children everywhere are lulled to sleep by the mystical Ole Lukoie. He sprinkles drops of milk in their eyes so they can’t see him, and then he breathes softly on their necks until their heads hang heavy. Then Ole Lukoie hangs an umbrella with pictures on it over the beds of the good children so they dream sweetly. The naughty children get a plain umbrella and don’t have any dreams.  So be nice, behave yourself – and dream on!

The Steadfast Tin Soldier

While standing his post, the one-legged tin soldier falls in love with the delicate paper doll ballerina across the room. Although luck is not with him, his duty – and his love – are undeterred. Even after falling out of the bedroom window and being washed away into gutter and then ending in the belly of fish, he never loosens his grip on his weapon or his will. One day the fish is caught and sold at the market to the very home where the soldier’s adventure began. He is thrown into the home’s oven with the ballerina, who is blown to him by a gust of wind. The brave tin soldier melts into a perfectly formed, tiny tin heart. He is a real soldier of love.

The Tinderbox

It pays to take a chance, as the cheeky soldier who meets an old witch finds out.  She offers him an apronful of gold to climb into a hollowed tree and bring out her old tinder box. He kills the witch instead, keeps the tinder box and has all his wishes granted by three dogs with eyes as big as teacups, waterwheels and Copenhagen’s Round Tower. The soldier’s eyes grow, too, when the three dogs turn up with a princess. He is even saved from the gallows by his three new friends. And of course he gets his princess. Take a chance and listen to your intuition.

The Little Mermaid

A lovely young mermaid swims from the sea floor to the light above the water. She has fallen for a prince from beyond the sea. She gives her sweet voice and takes painful steps so that she might find him on land. But the prince chooses another and the little mermaid faces a dire choice. She will die and turn to sea foam if she does not kill her prince. The little mermaid gives herself to the freezing foam because sometimes love takes you to depths that are simply unfathomable. Deep love!

The woman with the eggs

A housewife’s daydreams get away from her as she heads off to market with a basket of eggs on her head.  If she sells the eggs, she thinks, she can buy a flock of hens that can lay more eggs.  With those eggs she can buy sheep and geese that will give wool and down so she can buy even more animals, homes, helpers and even find a gentleman suitor so she can become a fine lady with her nose in the air….CRACK!  The eggs fall from her head to the ground, splattering. Just like her dreams.